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Our Mission

First State Military Academy

Chairmanís Message -


Greetings from the First State Military Academy.

Our mission is quite clear Ė We are creating a new Charter High School here in Kent County that is going to replicate the highly successful Delaware Military Academy, located in Wilmington.† FSMA will be the only full time Junior ROTC (JROTC) Program located below New Castle County.† We will be focused on the following for our students:


†††††††††††††††† * Academically Challenging (Project Based Learning)

* Physical and Emotional Growth

* Leadership Development

* Citizenship


Our intentions are to combine the customs and culture of a full-time JROTC program with the curriculum of project based learning.† This combination is unique not only here in Delaware but nationally as well.† Strong academics, discipline, as well as leadership from our cadets so they will have the necessary skills and education to attend a university, a service academy, or enter the work force directly; but doing each of these exceptionally well.


If this is of interest to you, or someone that has 6th and 7th graders starting this fall of 2013, here are some planning dates for your consideration:


FSMA Charter Application:

Submitted to the Department of Education on January 4, 2013.

Approved June 2013


FSMA Pre-Planning Year Period:

June 2013 to June 2014


FSMA Planning Year:

June 2014 to June 2015


FSMA Staffing:

December 2014 to May 2015


FSMA School Opening:

September 2015


If you have any questions or have interest in supporting this School, you may reach me at


Thank you for your interest, and hope to hear from you about this new educational opportunity for Delaware.

C. Scott Kidner, CPT, DEARNG (Ret), Chairman of the Board

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Our Vision

Mission of First State Military Academy is to provide an educational experience that focuses on developing the intellectual, physical and emotional growth of our Cadets.  Through an environment of academic rigor, military discipline, citizenship, leadership and the application of strong moral values, Graduates will develop respect for themselves, those on whom they depend, and those that depend on them, ensuring successful entry into adult life."

Armed Forces JROTC


News and Information from the Board of Directors

†††††††††† Dear Associates, Parents, and Friends of First State Military Academy;


Spring has passed and Summer is well underway here in Kent County.† Our school has accomplished a great deal and work is progressing nicely, not only with the buildings, but some general clean-up around the campus.


Some background: FSMA is a non-profit educational institution as classified by the IRS, receiving our Charter on June 20, 2013, and opening our doors in the Fall of 2015.† Our Founding Commandant has been selected who has k -12 teaching experience as well as served in an assistant school principal position.† Additionally, he was promoted to Major in the Delaware Army National Guard.† He is now assisting the Founding Board with a series of internal guidance policies as well as further developing our curriculum, as well providing insight on our JROTC program, and classroom layout.


Most notable - we have begun renovations of our buildings.† On January 22nd, FSMA, with the strong support of our financing partners, USDA and NCALL Research, Inc., we purchased the old Saint Joseph's Industrial School for Boys, located on Duck Creek Road.† With Becker Morgan Group as our A&E, we now manage some 35 acres with 5 buildings, ranging in size from a large classroom building to a chapel which is currently listed on the National Historical Registry.


FSMA has completed some remediation of water issues, removed damaged interior tiles, and will begin exterior renovations within weeks.† This includes a new roof for Drexel and St. Michaels Hall, as well as window and masonry work.† Concurrently, we will be seeking bids for all the interior work that must be started in late August or September of this year.


This purchase represents not only the commitment we have made for educational choice and the JROTC culture, but our belief that the buildings and land will serve our cadets and their families well into the future.


Finally, we continue to seek the support of parents, friends and anyone who thinks a choice in education is needed in Kent County.† Here is how you can help:

 Contact us and get on our "FSMA Community List" that will get periodic emails on the status of our school.

 If you or someone you know wants to serve in a more active manner, such as on our Community Advisory Committee or the Board, please let us know.

Finally, if there are speaking opportunities that will help spread the word, let us know that as well.



C. Scott Kidner


Board of Directors

Scott Kidner, Chairman

Karen Delissio, Treasurer

Manuel Cuesta, Recording Secretary

Dennis Dinger, Chair, Human Resources

Kevin Donnelly, Chair, Finance

David Mcguigan, Chair, Facilities

Kevin Phillipson, Chair, Community Outreach

Mike Dolbey

Dion Williams

FSMA Board Meeting Projected Schedule

Date††††† Time††† Location


08/19/2014 5:00 pm Kent Co Admin Bldg, Dover DE

09/16/2014 5:00 pm Kent Co Admin Bldg, Dover DE

10/21/2014 5:00 pm Kent Co Admin Bldg, Dover DE

11/18/2014 5:00 pm Kent Co Admin Bldg, Dover DE

12/16/2014 5:00 pm Kent Co Admin Bldg, Dover DE


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Schedule subject to change


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